Relocating with children

Children’s intercultural adaptation - Cross-Cultural Training

  • Realistic understanding the impact of moving
  • Anger and resentment about the move - homesickness and loneliness
  • Adjustment and culture shock - family in transition
  • Familiarization with host country - getting to know the conditions of the new destination
  • Culture: What’s it all about?
  • How do I fit in? - interaction with the local culture
  • Transition fun - exploration of the new city
  • New home & neighborhood
  • Making friends - relationships with the local children
  • Life in your new country
  • Strategies for everyday life and for adapting to the new country
  • Support from parents
  • Adjustment & Adaptation - h ow to manage change

Being informed is very important to children. 

One of the worst mistakes parents can make is to assume that kids won't understand the impact of moving. 

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