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Look and see trip
  • Personal survey on needs and priorities
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements for "look and see" trip
  • Airport or train pick-up and drop off
  • Area familiarization and exploration tour

Move Management

  • Packing requirements
  • Timeframe management
  • Methods of transportation
  • Destination specifics
  • Storage as required
  • Customs documentation
  • Clearance at destination
  • Unpacking at destination
  • Additional requirements (pets, vehicles, etc)

Temporary Accommodation

  • Pre selection
  • Organization and coordination of accompanied visits
  • Tenancy Negotiations
  • Tracking defects and organizing repair work

House Hunting

  • Pre selection
  • Organization and coordination of accompanied visits
  • Housing overview
  • Inventory check-in/out
  • Rental rates overview
  • Tenancy negotiations, renewals & support during negotiations for rental contracts
  • Inspection of the rental property listing defects and repairs needed
  • Hand over protocol


  • Utility service registration, ADSL, TV, mobile phone
  • Bank account opening EC-card and visa card if required, application for on-line banking if required, introduction to payment methods (direct debit, standing order, cheques, bank transfers etc.)
  • Registering or deregistering with public utilities  (electricity, gas, district heating, water)
  • Postal information
  • Informations on the public transport system
  • Long term auto lease or
  • Car parking permit
  • Shopping facilities
  • Health assistance - doctors, hospitals, pharmacies

Registration and formalities for EU nationals and non-EU nationals

  • Work permit application
  • Income tax card
  • Residential registration
  • Residence permit
  • Certificate of health
  • Translations and notarized translations
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Immigration paperwork
  • Police registration
  • Transfer of out-of-country drivers license
  • Car registration or purchase
  • Tax registration for dog(s)


  • Introduction to the city - city tour based on the special requirements of our customer
  • Leisure amenities and facilities
  • Useful contacts: health facilities, doctor, dentist
  • Local maps and transportation guides
  • Religion - churches, mass information
  • Destination information online - Handbooks on the country and facts on traditions in several languages

Children Support

  • Finding a school – pre-school / primary / secondary
  • Admission and registration procedures
  • Children’s intercultural adaptation

Partner Support

  • Job search, CV writing, reputable agencies and media
  • Academic and lifestyle alternatives, colleges and courses
  • Local networking groups, recreational and community activities
  • Charities and expatriate support programmes
  • Social integration  - community familiarization, international clubs and society contacts, other expatriate organizations
  • Cross-Cultural Training

Pet Relocation

  • Legalisation of documents
  • Immigration paperwork

Language Training Organization

  • Finding a school or private teacher
  • Admission and registration procedures
Cross-Cultural Training for expatriates
  • Avoiding culture shock
  • Getting to know the conditions of the new destination
  • Different norms and values
  • Different approaches to knowing
  • Different attitudes toward disclosure
  • Different decision-making styles
  • Different approaches to completing tasks
  • Different attitudes toward conflict
  • Different communication styles
  • Differences in doing business
  • Customs and Etiquette
  • Strategies for everyday life and for adapting to the new country

Handyman / Maid Services

  • Basic carpentry requirements
  • Basic painting requirements
  • Putting up and fixing shelving
  • Hanging pictures and curtains
  • Hanging light fittings
  • Cleaning ironing, washing,shopping,
  • Maid service
  • Household services  - plumber´s services, houskeeper

Repatriation Help

  • Policy Administration
  • Returning the housing object, dealing with refund of  deposit
  • Deregistering or changing registration with public  utilities, subscriptions
  • Deregistration of residence
  • Closing of bank account
  • Departure Services
  • Return Shipment of Household Goods
  • Home Purchase/Mortgage Assistance

Departure Management

  • Departure checklist
  • Police de-registration
  • Disconnection of utilities
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Arrange for mail forwarding
  • Send change of address cards
  • Inspection of the rental property listing defects and repairs needed
  • Organization renovations and/or repairs required on rental property
  • De-registration of motor vehicle(s)
  • De-registration of children from school/kindergarten

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