Spouse Programs

Private integration

  • Life/work balance issues
  • Emotional coping strategies for change

Professional integration

  • Individual career counseling & career pathing
  • Skills identification
  • Consulting on job opportunities
  • Information on the current labor market situation
  • Joint preparation of curriculum vitae, application and application strategies
  • Detailed planning of the project procedure
  • Administrative support
  • Advertisements in the media
  • Contacting labor market specialists

Cross-Cultural Training

  • Moving to a new culture - realistic understanding
  • Anger and resentment about the move - homesickness and loneliness
  • Adjustment and Culture Shock - family in transition
  • Acculturation - getting to know the conditions of the new destination
  • Interaction with the local culture
  • Life in your new country
  • "On a different wavelength" - Different norms and values in a foreign place
  • Different attitudes toward relashionship
  • Different communication styles
  • Different attitudes toward conflict
  • Strategies for everyday life and for adapting to the new country
  • Helping children adjust
  • Working with Household Staff
  • How to manage change


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